Hello Future AP Biology students, EVERYTHING you will need to know for the year is on this website, in an fairly unorganized fashion, hey what kind of fish is made of two sodium atoms?....

Tuna (2Na)

Also the Cliff's book you see above is essential to a good score on the AP exam and very helpful for good grades on the in class tests. UNFORTUNATELY the newest cliff's comes out in November. So you have two choices, one buy both (probably the best I mean its pretty cheap on amazon), two wait to buy the new edition in November and just beg borrow and steal other peoples Cliff's until that point.

Email me with any questions diego.scott@salinasuhsd.org

READING GUIDES THAT MUST BE COMPLETED (Update, I replaced some files as I guess some people were having trouble opening the power points, also you can SKIP #20-22 on RG 3 and 1-4 in RG 4 and 46 in RG 5. PS Chapter 5 is a doozy

PowerPoints for above reading guides

Rest of the year stuff